Could you be suffering from seasonal anxiety? Find out how to cope.

Why do so many people experience holiday-related anxiety? For starters, the emphasis on family time and togetherness can act as a constant and painful reminder that our lives may not look like joyful holiday cards — putting family conflict, loss, breakups and divorce under a microscope. The stress and anxiety of being confronted with family events, combined with travel, darker and colder days, unusually packed schedules, and lack of sleep can trigger behavioral health issues. Also, when busy and/or traveling, it’s common for people to deprioritize their physical and mental health.

But this doesn’t have to be your reality. You can give yourself the gift of telehealth! Many people, through their health plans, have access to virtual visits with licensed therapists, psychiatrists and psychologists — making it possible to manage mental health and enjoy the busy holiday season. Telehealth makes it possible to access quality care, 24/7, anywhere you have a smartphone or the web. Visit to find out how you can access care from your home, on the road, or even right smack in the middle of your family’s holiday dinner.

“A combined 58 million American adults are living with either major depression (16M) or an anxiety disorder (42M), but in my experience, 100 percent of people will experience a stressor, or a loved one will need support, during the holiday season,” says Dr. Monika Roots, vice president of health services at Teladoc, the world’s largest and most trusted provider of virtual care delivery services. “One of the reasons I’m an advocate of telehealth for mental health is that it allows people to access care upon feeling triggered, not waiting weeks to get an appointment. After your aunt asks you why you’re single at the dinner table, for example, you can talk to someone immediately, making it easier to proactively manage stressors before they become major issues.”


How else can you help yourself or a loved one maintain positive mental health during the holidays? We asked Teladoc’s Dr. Roots for the top five ways to mitigate holiday-triggered anxiety. Here’s what she said:

1. Set boundaries.

2. Ask for help.

3. Stick to a routine.

4. Exercise.

5. Get some sleep.

Many people don’t realize that they have access to a telehealth solution like Teladoc through their health benefits, or that these services offer mental health support. Further, as opposed to 25-day wait times for a mental health visit (according to the Kennedy Forum), you can see Teladoc licensed therapists and psychologists/psychiatrists within minutes, so you can get back to enjoying your holiday.

Thanks to the Mtn. Grove News Journal for this information.