Vets using Telemedicine for treating animals

Telemedicine is an increasingly important tool in the human world – linking patients to doctors or specialists – regardless of where they are located. Indeed, both parties may be based on the opposite side of the world.

Equine Professional Georgina Izatt looks at some of the benefits presented by Telemedicine in this space with particular regard to post treatments.

Time saving- It can save the vets time, especially in the case of vets who deal with larger animals such as farm animals and equines. Rather than the vet having to call out to the farm or equestrian centre, they can do an initial consultation via a telemedicine platform. Using the video consult they can determine the severity of the case and whether they need to call out for a physical examination.

Easier follow-ups- It allows vets to schedule follow-up appointments at a time that suits both the vet and the client. Follow-up appointments are routine and normally just a ‘check-in’ to monitor the animal’s progress.

Better connections- If a vet is struggling with an animal because it may have some very unique and strange problems, the owner can easily seek out specialists and then work with their vet and the help of a specialist.

Reaching far and wide- Another great benefit for vets is that clients who are further away can use telemedicine for a consultation with the vet to assess the animal and to see whether the vet needs to make the long trip to the animal. It can be done quickly and easily, so that if the vet is needed urgently they know exactly what they need to bring and they are sure it won’t be a wasted trip.

Peer to peer aid for vets – Vets tend to work in vacuums or in small practices. To consult with other vets for particular animal client would be unusual in practice.  If a particular case was troublesome for a vet they may still carry to diagnose and cure the condition and only as a last resort bring in another professional. 

Thanks to the Irish Tech News and Petlife for this information