One of the most challenging issues of our time is access to affordable and convenient healthcare. With more people entering the system, a shortage of providers and increased wait times, the time is right for innovative solutions. FlexCare addresses these challenges by providing users with convenient 24/7 access to Digital Health providers while offering businesses an innovative solution that reduces absenteeism, increases productivity, promotes consumerism and decreases overall healthcare costs.

Employer Digital Health

Digital Health Solutions

Access 24/7/365 to U.S. Board-Certified providers who can resolve many of your healthcare issues, via phone, mobile app or video consults from wherever you happen to be. It’s health care on your terms – simple as that.

Our Providers

Providers are Board-Certified and accessible in all 50 states. Physicians are able to diagnose, treat, and prescribe medication, when necessary.

Widely Accepted

We’ve seen Digital Health enter the mainstream as a highly regarded part of a national health care solution. Industry experts have championed Digital Health as a convenient, affordable way for patients to access healthcare services.