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What is Digital Health

Digital Health Explained Digital health is healthcare that is accessible online. Over the years, the interest and recognition of this type of healthcare has continued to grow. In fact, Covid-19 increased its popularity, creating a permanent spot for it on the grid.  Digital Health vs eHealth On one hand, eHealth is the use of technology […]

What is Teledentistry

Teledentistry is the use of technology to offer and help with dental services. Through electronic information, imaging, and communication systems, patients can receive diagnosis, treatment, education, consultation, and transferable health data. Traditional Dentistry vs Teledentistry On one hand, traditional dentistry requires an in-person visit. Patients must wait a while in the office just to speak […]

The Innovative Dental Tech That’s Helping Patients At Home Through the Pandemic

The “safer at home” message looks set to continue for some time, and even as some kind of normality starts to resume, dentistry is one of the areas that has been hit particularly hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Increased personal protective equipment (PPE) costs and more thinly spaced appointments are having a significant impact on […]

6 Ways COVID-19 is Changing Healthcare

The coronavirus pandemic has seen rapid transformational change across health sectors as hospitals and primary care works rapidly to meet the needs of the population. Innovative solutions have been implemented at pace, resulting in a realization that some things will change forever in the health service. From technology to clinics, things will never be the […]